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  • First Published: 2017-11-20T17:57:26Z
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Autotile Importer for RPG Maker-Compatible Tilesets image

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Always loved games like the Old Final Fantasy and Pokemon and Zelda. I like the game design. And I like RPG Maker style too. But I love Unity more.
Will it be useful to draw tile maps using an Auto tile tool? Auto tile will let you draw your tile map way faster than before.
But setting up auto tile manually is really tedious and quite complex.
This little tool allow you to import the tile set (the image file) compatible with the famous RPG Maker. I have bought a tons of compatbile tile set in the past years. And now I can import and use them in my Unity projects in just few clicks.

This tool will import the tile set image files that are arranged to be compatible with the RPG Maker software. It WILL NOT import scene files or project files from RPG Maker. It is a tool that will allow you to load the tile set image into Unity, and it will build and arrange (automatically) the auto tile files that you can use to draw your tile map.

Compatible Autotile image file supported
RPG Maker XP: terrain and animated water
RPG Maker VX and MV: A1 (animated water layout)
A2 (terrain layout)
A3 (wall and rooftop layout)
A4 (terrain and rooftop layout).
Wolf RPG Editor: terrain and animated water.

Very simple to use. It will create a set of folder with the sub tile generated.
You can choose what sub block import from the file in case you do not want to import all the parts.
The Auto Tile generated are 100% compatible with integrated tile map in Unity 2017.2 and later.
Works on mac too. Fixed some strange bug caused by the path string fo the files and folders generated by the script.
Send me message about bugs.

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