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  • Current Version: 1.1: 2019-09-11T20:01:12Z
  • First Published: 2019-02-13T04:02:11Z
  • Size: 5897142928
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2019.2.3
3d vegetation speedtree

Temperate Deciduous Forest Pack (v8)

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$133.11 $133.11

INCLUDED: 11 models (.SPM) in hero and desktop resolutions 22 drop-in-ready exports in the spring and fall seasons.

Red Maple Field (Hero)
American Sycamore Forest (Hero)
White Oak Field (Desktop)
Sweetgum Sapling (Desktop)
Eastern White Pine (Desktop)
Pignut Hickory Sapling (Desktop)
Willow Oak Sapling (Desktop)
Pignut Hickory Undergrowth (Hero)
Balloon Vine (Desktop)
Willow Oak Seedling (Desktop)

SPM files include:
– Unlimited seasonal variations
– Randomization
– A full set of PBR leaf and bark textures (2k leaf textures, 4k leaf cluster textures and 4k bark textures)
– A tuned wind animation, defined LOD settings, and multiple cluster (.SPM) files of the branches for editing.

(Scalable wind effects not currently compatible with Unity HDRP)

REQUIREMENTS: Unity 2019.2.3+
For the full power of SpeedTree v8 with seasonal and structural variations, this product requires the SpeedTree Modeler to export. Available as free export-only license or subscription license at $19 USD/month.
User License: Use of this product is subject to the terms of the SpeedTree Model Library Component End User License Agreement

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