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  • First Published: 2021-06-30T12:03:12Z
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  • Supported Unity Versions: 2019.4.0
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The Azure of Celestia Game Music

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This music material is created with the motif of a magnificent fantasy adventure JRPGs.

A warm and relaxing music with a slightly ethnic feel.

Orchestra style music that creates a high-quality feeling of power and thrill that can be used in cinema scenes and fight themes.

Inspiring piano, violin, vocal songs that produce emotional and sensual plot scenes and climaxes.

By adopting this material song as the background music of your work that creates a fantastic different world, such as the theme of stars and life, you will be able to further bring out the charm of the story.

The final track vocal song "Sea La" is written by Yheri Kang (ELLEY), who continues to be active as a world-class singer-songwriter singing in three languages.

In addition, this work was created by the developer who developed the action game "Sword Master Story", which made it into the top 10 at the Google Play Indie Games Festival 2020 in South Korea and has exceeded 10 million downloads in total in 150 countries around the world. Under the supervision, from the perspective of the game developer, we are constantly giving multifaceted feedback on the usability of the music, and it has been improved to a more sophisticated music.

We hope that the ease of use as a material will make it possible to create games with a high degree of player satisfaction, making daily creation more enjoyable.

In this package you'll find totally 17 music tracks

There are 1 vocal track, 16 instrumental tracks.

All of the wav tracks are available as high quality 16 bit, and high quality re-mastered for using in games.

And, this pack includes ogg vorbis seamless loop and mpeg-4 aac version of each music track.

Before you use, Please confirm you agree to our terms and conditions for use. 


Track list:

01. The Azure of Celestia (2:48)

02. Whispering Fate (5:32)

03. Sleeping Maneuver (2:44)

04. The Imperial City, Evernauts (3:15)

05. Bottakuri Pedra (1:39)

06. A Long Journey (4:02)

07. Road to the Skyland (2:57)

08. Eyes On Darkness II (3:07)

09. Passed Away (2:19)

10. Slash (2:31)

11. Quietness (2:30)

12. Magatsuhinokami (2:24)

13. Alcantarea (2:11)

14. Lethaldose (2:59)

15. Sea La.. (3:13)

16. Niji no zannei (2:40)

17. Sea La..(Instrumental) (3:13)

Listen demo on YouTube:


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