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  • Current Version: 1.4.6: 2022-08-09T15:35:28Z
  • First Published: 2021-12-03T13:51:13Z
  • Size: 12339840
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2020.3.37


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Middleware For Invector Template v2.5.3+ REQUIRED

Invector Template (Invector) which is one of the best controllers can be upgraded with MIS and MIS Packages.

If you are not familar with MIS yet, please watch this MIS v2 Quick Start Guide.

Fly with MIS-FreeFlying.

It allows your character to fly and fight with smooth motion in your game world.

Key Benefits

✅ Provides All-In-One Setup

✅ Smooth, natural flight movements that look like real flying

✅ Included 31 animation clips

  • 12-Way Movements, Sprint Start/Stop
  • 4-way Escapes
  • 3-way SprintRolls
  • 4-way Hit Reactions
  • 4 Idles
  • 2 Hard-Landings

✅ Supports Free/Strafe/Sprint/Slow modes

  • Free/Sprint mode

- Forward/Backward: WS

- Turn: Mouse

- Straight Up/Down: Left Ctrl/Space

  • Strafe mode

- Movement: WASD

- Straight Up/Down: Left Ctrl/Space

  • Slow mode (Left ALT)

✅ Provides Multi-Sprint option

✅ Provides Immediate-Sprint option

✅ Provides Escape and Rolling in Free/Strafe and Sprint each

✅ Provides Crash On Sprint option

✅ Provides 4-way Hit reaction

✅ Provides two random flying idle modes

✅ Added Flying/FlyingSprint Camera State

✅ Supports FreeFlying IKAdjust

✅ Provides Hard-Landing

✅ Provides Auto Landing option (When the character reaches to the near ground)

✅ Min/Max Flying altitude, Ignore Damage/Ragdoll feature of Invector

✅ Included WindForce VFX (One-Time/Continuous mode)

✅ Included Flying Jump Up VFXs (Smoke/Shockwave) (Built-In Only)

✅ Included JetStream VFX (Built-In Only)

✅ Chained action with other MIS packages

✅ Provides a Demo scene

✅ Clean document

✅ Does not modify Invector source codes

✅ All MIS Packages runs on a feature-based basis


✅ No refund allowed after downloading

✅ The environments in demo video is not included

Contact Information

✅ Email: [email protected]

Discord: Recommended

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