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  • Current Version: 1.2.3: 2022-08-09T15:35:49Z
  • First Published: 2022-01-27T08:59:14Z
  • Size: 64034768
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2020.3.37


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Middleware For Invector Template v2.5.3+ REQUIRED

Invector Template (Invector) which is one of the best controllers can be upgraded with MIS and MIS Packages.

If you are not familar with MIS yet, please watch this MIS v2 Quick Start Guide.

Faster, more powerful and fatastic motorcycle combat!

You can experience the motorcycle action just like movies using MIS-Motorcycle.

MIS-Motorcycle has been developed with a focus on combat rather than racing.

The more simple, the easier get bored. The more realistic, the harder control.

Key Benefits

✅ Provides All-In-One Setup

✅ Provides Motorcycle Setup

✅ Provides 24 animation clips

✅ Provides natural and easy movement using WheelCollider and Rigidbody

  • Moves by WheelColliders and Rigidbody supports them
  • Automatic friction according to the ground (Asphalt / Dirt / Grass)
  • Automatic friction according to the Terrain (WIP)
  • Moves forwards / backwards using one Gear (WS)
  • Multi-Jump (LEFT CTRL)
  • Booster (LEFT SHIFT)
  • Instant Brake (SW) / Handbrake (SPACE)
  • Anti Overturn / Slip
  • Handling Under Steering / Over Steering / ESP
  • Leaning according to the Steering angle

✅ Provides Enter(E) / Exit(Q) actions

  • Different actions according to distance and position
  • Instant Enter/Exit option

✅ Provides character attack while riding

  • 2-Combo Unarmed Attack (Basic: WIP)
  • 2-Combo Sword Attack (Melee)
  • Auto Hip fire shot (Shooter)

✅ Provides various effects

  • Engine sounds according to the Engine RPM
  • Wheel smoke effects according to the Engine RPM and Friction
  • Skidmarks and sounds according to the ground (Asphalt / Dirt / Grass)
  • Jump effects according to the jump start state (Ground / Air)
  • Booster / Booster Spark effects
  • The motorcycle shaking effect on Get On action
  • Head / Brake Light

✅ Provides Motorcycle Health / Stamina / Booster Timer features with Speedometer

  • Can receive a damage from the enemies
  • Can use Jump and Boost depends on Motorcycle's Stamina
  • Can be destroyed when a hit that exceeds an arbitrary limit

✅ Provides the Rider Ragdoll

  • By Overturn
  • By External Force
  • By vDamage option

✅ Supports Riding IK / IKAdjusts / Camera State

✅ Provides the Harley motorcycle which is used in Demo video

✅ Provides the Vehicle Mine which is used in Demo video

✅ Provides the demo terrain

✅ Clean document

✅ Does not modify Invector source codes

✅ All MIS Packages runs on a feature-based basis


✅ No refund allowed after downloading

✅ The environment, characters, and effects in the Trailer video are not included

✅ MIS-Motorcycle users can have MIS-VehicleWeapons for free

Contact Information

✅ Email: [email protected]

Discord: Recommended

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