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  • Current Version: 6.1.6: 2023-08-22T11:07:14Z
  • First Published: 2022-02-15T09:35:13Z
  • Size: 109225696
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2021.3.0
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Buto: Volumetric Fog, Volumetric Lighting, Height Fog (URP) (2021)

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$19.96 $19.96

Buto is a powerful volumetric lighting and fog solution. It provides you with a wide range of advanced features to take your game's atmosphere to the next level.

Things you can easily make with Buto (but not limited to):

- A mystical misty forest

- Nuanced foggy mountain

- An eerie atmosphere to your spooky horror game

- Light up the dance floor in your rhythm-based dance games

Simply put, Buto is adaptable and looks effin’ great.

Buto is super easy to use, even if this is your first time developing a game. You’ll find no trouble with setting up and customizing the asset, and if you ever do, we're ready to help you out!

⭕️ Other Unity developers already use Buto in their projects

- Havoc is a tactical team-based first-person shooter that introduces a fully destructible environment, adding a new level of strategy to the genre. Players can plant and defuse bombs, destroy walls to reach their targets, and engage in various other tactical experiences.

- Tim Climpy's Warfair is a military FPS shooter with a focus on fun things for fun people!

- Operation Crustacean: Ride a large shrimp to explore a perilous island in this surreal hardcore 3D platformer. With permadeath, rare powerups, and challenging bosses, you will have to master the unique physics-based controls and embrace the dark humour to overcome the impossible.

- Hopper's Cabin by VHS Knight: A recreation of Hopper's Cabin from Stranger Things.

⭕️ Tons of powerful features

Physically based:

Our volumetric lighting and fog accurately renders atmospheric particles and light scattering using algorithms described in leading technical papers and strategies from major AAA studios.

Volumetric Lighting and Shadow:

Objects realistically occlude lighting by interacting with the fog, keeping your fog grounded in your scene.


Optimized, high-performance rendering with intelligent depth-aware upscaling (~0.2ms on an Nvidia 1080 desktop equivalent).

Volumetric Noise:

Built-in customizable volumetric noise gives texture to the particle distribution. Choose from 5 configurable volumetric noise styles or import your own texture for the ultimate control.

Atmospheric Height Fog:

Particle density exponentially decreases over height, resulting in realistic fog attenuation over altitude. Control the fog height as well.

Long-Range Visual Consistency:

Toggleable analytic height fog can be rendered behind local volumetric fog to guarantee visual realism over long distances.

Stylized Fog Options:

Achieve your artistic vision with color ramps, simple color adjustments, and light and shadow intensity sliders.

Additional Lights:

Illuminate the fog with volumetric point lighting.

Fog Density Masks:

Add or erase volumetric fog using Fog Density Masks

Temporal Anti-Aliasing:

Improved quality for high-density fog with optional Temporal Anti-Aliasing.

Integrated with the Volume Component System:

Seamlessly tie Volumetric Fog into your workflow with Unity's Volume Component system. Set Global Fog parameters and local Box and Sphere Volume parameters with seamless blending between Fog Volume settings.


⭕️ Versioning

You are looking at Buto 2021.

We also offer Buto 2022, a complete rebuild on the Buto rendering system.

We plan to support Buto 2021 until mid-2024.

⭕️ We update Buto often with improvements and bug fixes

  • Buto is now fully compatible with Unity 2022.3 LTS
  • Buto now supports orthographic projection.
  • Improved rendering quality
  • Various performance optimizations with up to ~25% faster rendering.
  • The editor now offers quality presets.
  • Buto now supports spotlights.
  • We've introduced a new directional lighting setting. With directional lighting, you can now tint the fog based on the position of your main directional light in the scene.
  • We've improved the editor GUI. The connection between the Color Influence and the Individual and Ramp color overrides is now more obvious.

⭕️ Buto is lightning-fast

Buto is super fast.

  • Benchmarked to 0.1ms frame cost on medium quality settings.

⭕️ Buto is widely compatible


✅ Opaque

✅ Alpha Clip

✅ Transparent


✅ Perspective

✅ Orthographic

Editor Versions

✅ 2021.3 LTS

✅ 2022.3 LTS

Render Pipelines

✅ Universal

❌ Built In


Render Paths

✅ Deferred

✅ Forward


✅ DirectX

✅ OpenGL

✅ Vulkan

✅ Metal


✅ Console

✅ PC

❌ WebGL

❌ Mobile

❌ VR

⭕️ We provide active, fast support.

Need help? I got you. Please reach out to us directly at [email protected] or on Twitter @occasoftware if you have any problems or questions. And, if you are not 100% happy with Buto, we'll give you a refund.


Active, fast support.

Game-making isn't simple but we make it easier for you. Reach out to [email protected] or on Twitter @occasoftware if you have any problems or questions.


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