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  • Current Version: 5.0.3: 2024-02-29T12:57:21Z
  • First Published: 2022-08-03T16:08:19Z
  • Size: 117087840
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2021.3.23
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10 minute Web demo

Documentation | Twitter | Discord

Wildtile helps environment artists and level designers to work together by allowing each of them to focus on what's important to them!

Designers create levels quickly and intuitively using a voxel editor heavily inspired by Townscaper. Wildtile will autotile the voxel map for you, using tilesets your artists have created. There are a few sample tilesets to get you started too.

Artists can create their own tilesets and iteratively improve their own dual-grid 3D tilesets. Wildtile provides a comprehensive suite of debugging tools so it's always clear why one tile will or won't connect to another. After initial set up, artists have to do zero markup on their tiles!

Wildtile handles incomplete tilesets and places everything it can place, and shows clear feedback where tiles aren't available. Both designers and artists can fix missing tiles. Designers can alter the map so it doesn't require those missing tiles, or artists can model new tiles to fill the gaps.


  • Dual-grid model importer
    • No need for annotations or markup, the importer will detect how to connect modules together and which corners of the model are inside or outside
    • Default settings are suitable for basic tilesets, setting up should take seconds
    • Supports configuration of the importer for advanced features
  • Model debugger
    • After import, if your models aren't connecting together the way you expect, view them in the debugger
    • See which models connect on each face
    • See why other models don't connect
    • See which corners are inside and outside, and how the analyser has decided
    • See what tiles are missing from a full marching cube palette
  • Voxel map editor
    • Use a fully integrated level editor to edit your level with simple cuboids
    • Exit the tool, and instantly watch the algorithm build your models in the shape of your voxels
  • Samples
    • Sample scene containing 4 different tileset-map combos
  • Tutorials
    • 2x20 minute tutorials
      • one for designers, setting up a map in a Unity scene
      • one for artists, getting started with authoring a new tileset

Upgrade instructions:

If you are upgrading from a previous version of Wildtile, follow these steps:

  1. Delete the Assets/CarbideFunction/Wildtile folder
  2. Download and install the latest version of Wildtile from the Unity Package Manager
  3. Follow onscreen instructions
    1. If you are using URP or HDRP, Wildtile will offer to install the support package again. Click yes.
    2. Wildtile will offer to reimport all tilesets. Click Yes.

If you have already upgraded Wildtile without deleting it first, you can also follow the upgrade steps to fix your build.

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