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  • First Published: 2022-09-09T09:25:20Z
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Cute Casual Games Music Pack

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The Cute Casual Games Music Pack provides a collection of loopable music tracks specifically designed for use in cute and casual games. With a variety of loopable music tracks and a total of 15 minutes of audio, this pack has everything you need to set the perfect mood for your game. This pack includes 10 music tracks to choose from, giving you plenty of options to find the perfect fit for your game.

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This pack of royalty-free content includes;

⦿ 13 x Loopable Music Track

Cute Casual Games Music Pack is mostly used in; Puzzle, Match 3 Puzzle, Match 3D, Match Tile, Match Puzzle, Match Pair, Merge, Merge Puzzle, Pairing, Arcade Idle, Word Puzzle, Hybrid-casual, Hyper-casual, Casual, Simulation, Beauty Saloon Simulator, Kitchen Simulator, Hospital Simulator, Restaurant Simulator, Tycoon, Bank Simulator, Life Simulator, School Simulator, Farming, Animal Care Simulator, Pet Care Simulator, Card Battle, Real-time Strategy, Trivia, Board Games.

This music pack includes these types of moods;

⦿ Upbeat

⦿ Fun

⦿ Jazz

⦿ Mystery

⦿ Happy

⦿ Cute

⦿ Peaceful

⦿ Soulful

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