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  • Current Version: 1.0: 2022-09-29T06:39:12Z
  • First Published: 2022-09-29T06:39:12Z
  • Size: 140082672
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2020.3.25
3d props weapons

PM-33 SMG With hands

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++ PM-33 SMG With hands all kinds of unique VFX, SFX and Animations. ++

++ Assets are AAA category and ready to be used for VR, PC and Consoles ++

++ Assets are made with PBR standard with 4K high quality textures ++

NEW!! Pack support unity: Unity 2019.3 URP 7.1.8+

Scaled to Unity Skeleton: Yes.

Maximum Triangles and Vertex:

Max Tris: 23k

Max Vertex:22k

Number of Meshes: 5.

Ammo Used

9mm Ammo Used: Tris:312 Vertex:219

Bullets In Magazine

9mm bullets In magasin: Tris:1260 Vertex:834

PM-33 SMG Body

Charging Handle: Tris:26k Vertex:19k

Hands Animated

Glove: Tris:9k Vertex:5k

Jacket: Tris:4k Vertex:2k


Magazine: Tris:420 Vertex:359


Collimator: Tris:3k Vertex:2k

Number of Materials: 6 Materials.

Number of Textures: 16.

Texture Sizes:

2K-4k resolution Textures.

Base Color, Normal Map, AO, Roughness and Metallic Textures.

Number of Sounds: 19.

++This package doesn't require any third party software or framework other than

standard Unity3D environment.++

In This Pack:

◉ PM-33 SMG.

◉ Hands.

◉ Bullet.

◉ Scope

◉ Empty Shell.

◉ Animations.


◉ 4K-Textures.

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