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Jazz Fusion Grand Prix

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Jazz Fusion Grand Prix is a collection of 15 High-Quality Original Jazz Fusion Tracks! (22 total tracks with slow and fast versions)

Royalty Free Tracks for use in any project. Ideal for Racing, Platformers, Kart Racing, Puzzle, RPG, Mobile, and any project where upbeat Jazz Fusion would add a unique and awesome touch to a project!

TRACKLIST (.WAV, 44.1kHz, 16-bit)

  • 80's Nights Tour 
  • Bass Drive Tour
  • Club Bananas Tour
  • Cool Cat Tour
  • Disco Tour
  • Mall Shopping Tour
  • Panic Tour
  • Piano Hall Tour
  • Popular Scene Tour
  • Queen Wave Tour
  • Space Diner Tour
  • Tremolo Tour
  • Urban Tour
  • Vibing Out Tour
  • Vision Race Tour

**several tracks have slow & faster versions for variety and tension in the game!**

Questions or Feedback?! Reach us at brooklyngameaudio.com

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