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  • Current Version: 1.0.2: 2024-02-06T05:25:39Z
  • First Published: 2023-10-10T11:55:13Z
  • Size: 13266544
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2022.3.17


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Middleware For Invector Template v2.7.9+ REQUIRED

Invector Template (Invector) which is one of the best controllers can be upgraded with MIS and MIS Packages. If you are not familar with MIS yet, please watch this MIS v2 Quick Setup Guide.

MIS-LedgeClimb provides very lightweight and intuitive Ledge-Climb feature. Unlike Free-Climb, you can only move to the ledge. It supports Hand IK so it moves along the ledge. You can implement a cool action by using mvLedgeClimbTrigger to initiate a Ledge-Climb.

MIS-LedgeClimb consists of two packages:. MIS-LedgeClimb1 only supports BracedHang mode, and MIS-LedgeClimb2 supports FreeHang mode as well, so BracedHang and FreeHang modes can be used sequentially.

Key Benefits

Provides All-In-One Setup (Invector/MIS add-ons)

✅ Ledge search time is very fast as it only goes to pre-defined ledges.

✅ Starting climbing

  • W + Space / Space (Ledge is detected by Raycast)
  • Pre-set ledge (mvLedgeClimbTrigger)

✅ Jumping between ledges

  • WASD + Space

✅ Jumping on a ledge

  • AD + Space

✅ Moving on/between ledge(s)

  • AD

✅ Fast Ledge Movement

  • SHIFT + AD

✅ Finishing climbing

  • S + Space (Drop), W + Space (Climb Up)

✅ Provides BracedHang and FreeHang mode

✅ Provides Custom Climb Action when moving to a specific ledge

✅ Supports Invector vHeadTrack during climbing

✅ Supports Small Hit Reaction during climbing (Melee/Shooter characters only)

✅ Pointing a ledge using IK

✅ Cancel Climbing on a ledge

✅ Ledge/Trigger Debug Mode

  • Toggle all ledge's or trigger's Debug Mode
  • Display ledges/triggers connections
  • Batch naming ledges/triggers
  • Sort ledges
  • Remove unused ledges

✅ Included 40 animation clips

✅ Provides a Demo scene

✅ Does not modify Invector core

✅ All MIS packages runs on a feature-based basis

Quick Setup Sequence


#2 MIS

#3 MIS-LedgeClimb2


✅ No refund allowed after downloading

✅ The Turret in the demo video is not provided

✅ MIS-LedgeClimb1 is included in MIS-LedgeClimb2

✅ Save 20% compared to purchasing MIS-LedgeClimb1 separately

Contact Information

✅ Email: [email protected]

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