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  • Current Version: 1.1.1: 2024-06-13T15:06:45Z
  • First Published: 2024-05-28T14:50:15Z
  • Size: 4114720
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2022.3.16
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Placer 3 PRO - Level Designer

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--- discord --- [email protected] ---

--- overview ---

Placer 3 PRO is an AAA-quality level design tool. It is a new and improved version of a highly rated asset called Placer. You can test out the basic features of it with the completely free Placer 3 Light

All you need to do is click Shift+Ctrl(/cmd)+Alt, and you are inside of the placer manager. from there, the sky's the limit. Open/add any Placer Tool by just clicking a button, and then using some premade settings (that you can switch between (and add your own)) make your world shine! to make your own prefab palette (a scriptable object used by most spawners, that holds all of the info about how to spawn specific prefabs), all you need to do is drag the prefabs into a slot, and the tool is going to set up the rest.

With Placer, you can populate your scene with any objects quicker than ever before (so you can create realistic forests (with the avoidance of cities), and populate those with rocks with one click :) )

Do you want to create beautiful buildings? using the paint feature (with custom grid snapping, and many easy shortcuts), you can create a building in seconds!

Don't you have any non uniform shaped places in your game? well just place a few points and populate that shape with the free form spawner.

Does your map have biomes that you would like to populate with diffrient objects? no problem! with Placer 2 you can spawn based on the surface color with the color spawner!

Is your urban city looking plain? How about covering it with some props using physics? With placer you can simulate physics in the editor! if you so desire you can even drag a handle like a regular transform and let the physics allighn the object to a surface when it collides.

You made a mistake? you could just undo it... but isn't replacing it with another object cooler, and faster? (you can do that too)

Maybe you have a cool park, that you would like to surround it with trees/walls? With the bezier curve spawner (cubic, quadratic, linear modes) you can do so within seconds!

Do you want to add a few props to your cities? using the advanced paint feature of placer, you can easily do that in seconds

Do you have buildings? I bet having a wall/fence would be nice, wouldn't it? well no problem placer has automatic creation of those (by painting, or even along a spline!)

Do you want to create a procedural world filled with islands? oh well that is just perfect you have clicked on this asset, of course it is equipped with an amazing procedural placing system, capable of creating realistic islands (or any other place) in runtime or editor.

Do you have a need to make that boring tutorial text more immersive? now you can with out-of-the-box 3D text spawner!

Do you have a problem with painting your huge terrain with grass correctly? with placer you can do that with one click (with avoidance of certain terrain layers textures), to big normal angles, and objects)

Are your forests looking plain? well no more, as now you can use all Placer spawners, and then convert the spawned objects to terrain trees!

Placer setup is insanely simple, as it even has snap distance automatic detection, and more to make your life easier.

From the tests multiple testers and I made, with this tool, your level design is bound to be at least x10 times faster!

Placer script structure allows you to use Placer Curves/Noise/Grid for any purpose, since the source code is provided. Placer contains many algorithms like performant distance avoidance or wall spawning (and so much more!), that you can use from anywhere!

----- functions -----

- procedural placing

- object painting (with a brush, and multiple modes)

- wall/fence generation (with a brush, with posts/pickets/rails)

- color spawner (spawn based on the surface color)

- object physics painting

- object physics handle (like transform handle but with physics on collision)

- placing along a spline (bezier curve)

- Noise Placing

- Grid Placing

- Poisson Sampling Placing

- Free Form Placing

- mass terrain detail placing

- 3D text spawning

- convert the spawned objects to terrain trees

*if you have a cool idea for a new feature, i will probably add it :)

----- other info -----


- There are a lot of custom editors with tooltips and warnings to make your job easier.

- you can add paint tools to your scene with one click

placer has a few handy editor windows, that will boost your level design speed:

- Useful Logs - useful object related debug window


the system has been optimized as much as possible, and heavy spawners run in asynchronous functions, to avoid overloading main threads.


- fully documented

- demo scenes

- discord server and email

- tutorials


Full source code is provided in the package.


in case of any questions email me at [email protected] . I will respond very

quickly (24h max (yet mostly i respond in about 2h), unless there is like a 1000 email, which I do not expect). There also is a discord server, to help you (click here to join).


- this system is not a terrain spawner (you cannot generate mesh using the asset as is)

- wall/fence generator is not a mesh creation tool, it spawns given models in correct places.

- the last trailer is of an old version, the current one is not only better but has more features

the thumbnails and some screenshots were made by an awesome discord member, Gargosian (thanks)

in case of any questions email me, or join my discord server, and ask questions there (see top of the page for contact)

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