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  • Current Version: 2.5: 2018-11-05T16:04:08Z
  • First Published: 2015-02-13T22:50:01Z
  • Size: 2027312
  • Supported Unity Versions: 5.2.3
tools sprite-management

Alpha Mask: UI, Sprites, Tilemaps, Particles, 3D

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Works with Unity 5 and above.

Alpha Mask is a simple component used for alpha masking, similar to Flash or Photoshop.

- Works with Unity UI (uGUI) Images and Text, Sprites, Tilemaps, Particle Systems and 3D Transparent Unlit objects.

- Supports any shader (including TextMesh Pro) by simply copying a few lines of code (thoroughly described in the documentation)!
- Supports mobile, PC and all other platforms.
- Soft, anti-aliased, gradient and semi transparent masks supported.
- All script and shader sources included!
- Extremely easy to use.
- Mask textures can be clamped horizontally/vertically.
- Easy mask positioning in the Editor.
- Supports mask moving, scaling, rotation, UV scaling, UV offset.
- Fully supports RectTransform anchors, pivots etc. for the Mask and the masked elements.
- Supports all Canvas render modes: Screen and World Space.
- Masks can be freely rotated and mapped on any direction.
- Can be used for UI or 2D games (including either Unity UI, Sprites, Tilemaps, Particle Systems or 3D Quads).
- A sample with multiple alpha masks on a single sprite included (using a RenderTexture).

- Not tested on URP or HDRP.

Ask questions or discuss the plugin here.

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