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  • Current Version: 3.1: 2019-02-28T08:12:09Z
  • First Published: 2013-03-18T10:43:53Z
  • Size: 2220517808
  • Supported Unity Versions: 2017.1.1
audio music orchestral

Kingdom of Light - Premium Edition

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$294.41 $294.41

NEWBONUS SONG! High Elves Theme!

Kingdom of Light - Premium Ediition
is an all-in-one audio solution for film and games that demands professional music production. KoL - Premium Edition includes all 131 cues from the KoL modules, Shadow Kingdom & Haunted Nature to delivery an enormous catalog of high-quality symphonic music ranging from Themes, Towns & Taverns, Combat, Dungeon & Caves, Mystical, land of giants and goblins to breathtaking Time of Day exploration music and Special cues to enhance your high-fantasy adventure games and films. This bundle pack is suitable for land masses ranging from 15 to over 50 sq miles or to increase your current in-game music by over 3 hrs! Take your project to the next level with this beautifully crafted and comprehensive musical suite.

The Music
Early on in the development of this music suite I decided that in order to bring a film-like experience with lasting appeal, limiting the scoring to the flexibilty and pallete of sounds of the orchestra was the only way to go. Nearly all instruments of the orchestra are put to use with splashes of male and female choirs ...read more

The Mood
'Epic Fantasy Adventure' may have been a better title as it prefectly describes 'Kingdom of Light'. The atmosphere of KoL is broad in scope ranging from sentimental, hopeful, mystical, brooding, ferocious, to purposeful and playful, all for different environments one may encounter in an epic fantasy adventure...read more

FORMAT: WAV 16-Bit / 44.1 kHz
Stereo/Mono: STEREO
Total Length: 3 hrs & 27 minutes / $1.70 per minute of music
Total Cues: 131
Size :2.26GB
Looped Audio: Battle & Skirmish music only
License :Multi-Use License covers unlimited projects!
Libraries Included:
KoL-Time of Day
KoL-Dungeons & Caves
KoL-Special Cues
ASD-Haunted Nature
Shadow Kingdom (New Extention included in Premium Edition only!)

Listen to all cues here!

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